In the heart of Manhattan, Romanoff Consultants were founded by one of the most recognized leaders in Marketing Automation, Inga Romanoff. Inga’s leadership and mentorship on client engagements has enabled Romanoff Consultants to establish ourselves as a well-trusted marketing automation partner. Over the past 5 years, we’ve quickly grown into a global consultancy, providing services to companies on 4 continents.


Our core team is aligned with our Best People In Action philosophy and each member brings his or her own expertise and personality to the team. Every one of us has a commitment to excellence and customer success.


While practical knowledge is vitally important, our team also has numerous certifications. Among us are Marketo Champions, Marketo Certified Experts, and Marketo Certified Consultants. Our team continues to grow and earn more certifications as they become available and are updated.

We don't keep our knowledge to ourselves.



We also provide training to help those at every stage of their careers to learn Marketo and Salesforce.com skills to become better, digitally aware marketers. Our founder is the leader of the New York Marketo User Group, where Marketo users of all levels meet to share ideas, best practices, and problem-solving.



Our apprentice program enables us to cultivate young people who are starting their careers and give thems kills in business and marketing to help them succeed as they develop. Some of our most successful past apprentices are now part of our full-time team!



Inga's leadership is well-recognized by the industry and marked by her elite status as a 5x Marketo Champion and Revvie Award Winner (for most dramatic business impact in B2B!). Inga holds Salesforce and every Marketo certification and is passionate about keeping up with the industry news and capabilities.