Check out this blog post by Peter Bell of Marketo on how marketers are split post-GDPR. Those targeting Businesses & Consumers are divergent in their approach – 55% have taken a marketing-first approach and 45% have taken a legal-first approach.

Key findings from Marketo research:

  • 55% of businesses are marketing first, using GDPR compliance as an opportunity to improve customer engagement
  • 72% of the businesses who exceed their organizational targets took a marketing-first approach to GDPR
  • 83% of consumers think businesses will find a way to get around the legislation
  • For 52% of marketing-first businesses, GDPR has had a positive impact on their forecasts and targets
  • 72% of consumers are concerned about data privacy and will not share their data…but 62% of businesses think GDPR will improve the efficiency of their marketing plans
  • 60% of consumers are somewhat or very likely to share their information if they think it’ll result in relevant, tailored offers

Read the full article or click this link to download the Marketo 2 Tribes of Marketing report.