Podcast S1E4: Where to Start and How to Supercharge Your Marketing Automation


Location: Virtual


Our guest is Jib Hunt, Director of Marketing Communications and Demand Generation at 1010data, and is one of the top leaders in the marketing automation/CRM industry. With his thought leadership outlook on marketing, Jib is sharing his advice on how to drive performance excellence and supercharge your marketing automation.

Key Topics

  • Where to start, assessing your Marketo instance
  • Managing change in the organization, allowing for innovation while keeping up execution
  • Having the right information to make decisions on
  • Keeping up with industry trends

Speaker Details


Jib Hunt

Jib Hunt, hailing from the White Mountains of New Hampshire, is a former pro snowboarder, as well as, a global marketing ninja (mktgninjas.com) with razor sharp marketing skills. The team leader of the elite ‘Brand Team 6’ and the sensei of the ‘Demand Gen Dojo’, Jib optimizes marketing operations, while building brand awareness and increasing lead pipeline.

Prior engagements include Burton Snowboards, Helly Hansen, Vans, Coleman Outdoor Company, Neff Headwear, Virgin Mobile USA, Ghostery, and Sizmek.



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