Salesforce Spring ‘18 Release included essential CRM developments for data protection and privacy; however, Salesforce didn’t stop on that. They built a resource center for marketers and Salesforce admins with resources about the regulation itself, what Salesforce is doing about it, and some best practices for implementation.

To comply with GDPR requirements, Salesforce introduced a new standard object, called ‘Individual’ which is designed to store a person’s data preferences – that is, how they wish their data to be stored, used, and shared.

‘Individual’ records will have a lookup relationship to a Lead or a Contact, extending them with the extra contextual information that shouldn’t be clogging the Lead/Contact record.


  • Don’t Market, Don’t Process, Don’t Profile, Don’t Track
  • Block Geolocation Tracking
  • Export Individual’s Data
  • Ok to Store PII Data Elsewhere (PII = Personally Identifiable Information), also known as data transfer.
  • Forget this Individual


  • Birthdate/Individual’s Age; to calculate eligibility for data protection as a minor (child). There are two picklist options: 13 or Older, and 16 or Older.

Change Tracking:

  • Created by/Date
  • Modified by/Date

Link to Salesforce GDPR Center: