Date: JUNE 15, 2018

Location: Virtual


It seems that the GDPR got everyone in a high gear and while some of the Data Privacy requirements of the regulation may have been taken care of by the company, there is lots to do in Marketo. This session covered the basics of the GDPR as they relate to marketers and more specifically, what needed to be set up in Marketo or CRM.

Jess Kao of Silicon Valley MUG and Inga Romanoff of New York MUG in the discussion on the regulation requirements and learn how to begin or improve your company’s GDPR process.

Key Topics


Topics covered:

  • GDPR requirements for marketing
  • What data to capture and how frequently
  • How to connect marketing and sales fields for GDPR
  • What data to archive

Speaker Details


Jess Kao

Jess Kao is the Director of Client Services at Digital Pi. She is 3x Marketo Champion and a named Marketo Champion of the Year. Jess holds Marketo Certified Expert (MCE) and Marketo Analytics certification. She is a frequent speaker and is a global marketers, demand generation expert, and a marketing operations leader. Jess is a Silicon Valley Marketo User Group Co-Leader.

Inga Romanoff

Inga Romanoff is an award-winning Marketing Automation consultant, a 5x Marketo Champion, and holds MCSA, MCC, MCE, and Marketo Revenue Cycle Analyst certifications from Marketo. Inga has focused her efforts on creating a Marketing Automation consultancy, which implements Marketing Automation platforms and builds solutions for small and large companies. Inga sets her consultancy apart with her personal excellence in the marketing industry, as well as retaining employees of the highest caliber.