Marketing automation can achieve amazing results but requires pragmatic strategic framework and the operational ‘know-how’ to execute. We partner up with our clients and help unlock the power of their marketing technologies.

Marketo Consulting

We are an official Premier level partner of Marketo. With deep A-Z Marketo expertise and advanced certifications, we offer services to help you get going on a new instance or increase the success of your current marketing activities. Our experts work as a seamless extension of your team and will help you unlock the value behind platform functionality.

Salesforce Consulting

Our mastery of the technology combined with marketing expertise and understanding of best practices allows our Knowledge Masters to deliver best-in-class Salesforce Consulting services. Our focus is on data architecture, business process design, Salesforce - Marketo sync optimization, lead lifecycle and lead scoring, MQL process automation, and lead hand off to Sales.

Platform Implementation

Our proven deployment framework is key to help maximize new platform capabilities, accelerate adoption, and ensure continuity of data and operations. We excel in custom Marketo implementations, and plan for complex organizational structure, legacy systems migrations, and regulatory requirements. Experience is key to making the process painless without breaking points to existing infrastructure.

Marketo-SFDC Optimization

When integrated seamlessly, these two systems can fuel a powerful sales and marketing engine, allowing your team to identify and reach more target audiences and with greater ease. Whether you inherited your Marketo-Salesforce integration or it has been running for a while and you are ready for the next level, our team can help remove inefficiencies, optimize and fine-tune your integration.

Lead Lifecycle and Lead Scoring

Setting up a Lead Lifecycle is part of the marketing automation implementation process. It helps drive engagement and more efficient conversions across channels. Preceded by a discovery workshop and analysis of the existing business workflow, deployment of the lead funnel includes definitions, scoring, routing, MQL process, notifications and SLAs, as well as training for your teams.

Custom Marketo Training

Make the most of your marketo implementation or give your team a refresher with this custom onsite workshop. Our Knowledge Masters will provide your team context for using Marketo platform features, share industry best practices, and hint to additional capabilities you could be using. Each session is geared towards your goals as well as the team’s existing skill set and experience level.

Design and Creative Services

Integrate Adobe DAM into Marketo, build conversion-driven landing pages, bring customer-centric design to your marketing, refresh assets, or translate new brand guidelines in digital and email channels. Our creative team can help you modernize your creative and adopt industry best practices. Because your brand deserves to stand out from the rest!

Data Operations

Setting up a Lead Lifecycle is part of the marketing automation implementation process. It helps drive engagement and more efficient conversions across channels. Preceded by a discovery workshop and analysis of the existing business workflow, the execution of the lead funnel includes definitions, scoring, routing, MQL process, notifications and SLAs, and a training session for your team.

Insights and Data Analytics

Modern experience makers have the need to see the big picture as well as deep dive into details, see the 360-degree view of the customer, and analyze marketing attribution, tie dollars spent to deals closed. Our expert team can help automate reporting and executive dashboards, create necessary integrations, and help uncover actionable data insights beyond basic analytics.

Turnkey SSL Installation

If you haven’t added SSL to your instance, we can help with an easy, flat-fee package. Configuring SSL became a business priority due to the recent Chrome 80 release in addition to standard security exposure protections. Installation includes updates to all links in the instance and managing process from start to completion with Marketo engineers.

CCPA Enablement

California Privacy law requirements can be easily enabled in Marketo. Our 1-week install facilitates CCPA compliance with overview and comparison to GDPR/CASL. Starting with step-by-step flow recommendations, landing pages, and suggested copy for emails, we will work with your team to deliver a complete solution.

Marketo-Salesforce Integration

There are several specific steps for a successful Marketo and Salesforce sync. Marketo sync configuration is fully manual, while Marketo Sales Insight (MSI) can be implemented via AppExchange package. We will work with your team to establish data process, create necessary Salesforce fields, build sync schema, and configure MSI.

Marketo Audit

Tap into our annual 360-degree Strategic Marketo Assessment. Are you utilizing platform features that can drive your revenue growth? Are you leveraging new features released more recently? In the report, you’ll find detailed breakdown of the technical configuration, strategic recommendations, and proposed short- and long-term initiatives; package is inclusive of anniversary reviews.

Easy-to-Use Marketo Templates

Save time, leverage Marketo features, and improve efficiency with our reusable, flexible, and easy-to-use templates. Based on brand guidelines, existing templates, new ideas, or simply website look and feel, our experienced designers and coders will work with you to create beautiful templates that improve campaign performance and conversions.

Subscription Center

The standard Opt In / Opt Out option for subscription management can be costly and provides a somewhat limited experience for the audience. Creating a modern, comprehensive preference center enables users to control communications they receive, while keeping the brand compliance with the latest email and consumer data regulations such as CASL, GDPR, CCPA, and Brazil privacy law.

GDPR Consulting

This marketing compliance package was designed specifically for Marketo – with a one-week installation timeframe, it is a quick but thoroughly thought-through configuration followed by an in-depth training on GDPR requirements that helps your team to be prepared. Customizations for other marketing automation platforms are available (custom pricing applies).

Outsourced Marketo Expert

Thinks of Marketo expert, a seamless extension of your team - whether you have a volume of new initiatives due to new leadership, lost your primary Marketo user, or anticipating maternity/paternity leave for a key member of the team. Our certified Marketo consultants will build and deploy email campaigns, execute webinars and events, or publish content for you.

Marketing Attribution Tracking

Measurement of results allows marketers to answer two key questions: which channels should I invest my marketing budget in, and how should I distribute my team’s activities to drive maximum impact on revenue. Our turkey attribution solution delivers a simple, integrated framework, designed for marketers seeking understanding of the impact of their touchpoints.