What is Marketing Automation

Marketing automation allows companies to identify and bring in the right customers, build long-term relationships, increase engagement, and drive revenue growth by focusing sales on the best prospects.

How Can Marketing Automation Benefit You

As companies grow, they need to move beyond just the acquisition and sending ad hoc or transactional emails. For a more mature organization, marketing automation saves time and money, optimizes marketing investments, and ultimately connects marketing and sales.

In the nutshell, marketing automation is not really about automating. A versatile marketing automation platform, like Marketo, enables effective marketing initiatives across channels, including email marketing, events, digital advertising, social media, direct mail, and others, and allows for frequent optimization through robust reporting.

Marketing Automation Capabilities

Adding marketing automation to the company’s arsenal teaches the organization “new skills” and transforms marketer into a champion of process improvement and data quality, helps develop successful relationships between functions, and communicate to prospects and customers in a more meaningful way.

Email Marketing

Use email to develop relationships with prospects and customers or to operationalize communications around product purchasing, ecommerce, or real-time account servicing

Lead Generation

With a marketing automation solution, you can use landing pages, which are unique and relevant pages optimized for conversion and leverage highly functional forms to optimize customer experience

Lead Lifecycle

Automatically update which stage of the lifecycle a lead is in based on a set of business rules and triggers, lead lifecycle stage will determine the type and the timing of the marketing communications they receive

Lead Scoring

Ranking leads to determine their sales-readiness based on the interest they show in your business, place in the buying cycle, and overall fit with the business model

Lead Nurturing

The process of developing relationships with buyers at every stage of the lead lifecycle and across multiple channels. Effective nurturing can result in generating more sales-ready leads and reducing overall cost of lead acquisition.

Account Based Marketing

When marketing modifies ongoing lead generation tactics to employ a strategic approach focused on a key group of specific accounts strategically important to the company

Predictive Content

Select marketing automation platforms make use of predictive analytics and machine-learning algorithms to deliver content to each web visitor and email recipient.

Marketing Performance Reporting

From marketing attribution setup to creating real-time reporting around company’s key performance metrics, marketing automation empowers marketers to make decisions quickly, build effective campaigns, and continuously optimize without the help of IT

Get the Most Out of Your Marketing Automation Platform

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