At Romanoff Consultants, we don’t keep our knowledge to ourselves. Our best practice and knowledge sharing philosophy ensures that our team is routinely engaged with the marketing community, making connections, sharing the latest techniques, strategies, and tools. Our founder and CEO, Inga Romanoff, is Marketo User Group Leader in Greater New York and a frequent speaker and content contributor.



Marketo Q&A with Sandy and Inga


Join Inga Romanoff and Sandy Whiteman (check out Sandy's TEKNKL Blog) for a free weekly Q&A session on how to’s in Marketo focused on technical aspects of execution, web forms, integrations, and other advanced topics.

Please follow the link below to register on Meetup, we'll email the webinar credentials prior to the meeting.


September 10-11

Digital Marketing World Forum DMWF

Brooklyn Expo Center

This is the third year Inga Romanoff is speaking at the Digital Marketing World Forum (DMWF) in New York, chairing the Data and Disruptive Tech track. With 10+ years of bringing together the digital marketing community and delivering top-level strategic content and digital marketing insights from global brands, it's a must-see for digital leaders. The conference is a 2-day event with tracks covering Data, UX/CX, eCommerce, Social Media, Content and Digital Brand Strategy.

Please follow the link below to register directly or email us if you have any questions about the event.


Become a Marketo Customer Advocate!

The Marketo Customer Advocacy Program, Advocate Nation, is designed to help customers showcase their success and engage with the Marketo Community, network, share best practices, and showcase expertise. Join Advocate Nation and become a Marketo advocate! (swag provided!)

If you are interested in learning what the program is all about, download this informational PDF from Marketo!


Join Your Local Marketo User Group

If you'd like to meet and network with Marketo users in your area, join the local user group. User Groups are region-specific meetings that are held by customers for customers. It's a great place to find like-minded people, get your questions answered, network, hire, or find your next job. Sign up to receive updates about your local User Group!

Click the link below to find the local chapter of Marketo User Group Meetup.



GDPR for Marketers - DECODED

JUNE 15, 2018

GDPR got everyone in a high gear and while some of the Data Privacy requirements of the regulation may have been taken care of by the company, there is lots to do in Marketo. This session covered the basics of the GDPR as they relate to marketers and more specifically, what needed to be set up in Marketo or CRM. Jess Kao of Silicon Valley MUG and Inga Romanoff of New York MUG in the discussion on the regulation requirements and learn how to begin or improve your company's GDPR process.


Podcast S2E1: GDPR for Marketers

APRIL 22, 2018

The first podcast of the season is a high-level introduction to GDPR regulation. Inga Romanoff and Kelly Jo Horton share specific GDPR requirements for Marketo, execution timeline, and steps for preparedness.


GDPR: Don't Be the First One in a Hot Seat

MAY 13, 2018

As part of the GDPR series, this podcast is centered around a higher-level view of data privacy, data integrity, and implications of the new regulation for company leadership. Our guest, Jason Wisdom , is the Chief Technology Officer at Aponia, a New York startup providing data solutions around Data Analytics, IT Security, and Risk Management programs.


How to Get Marketo Certified

AUGUST 24, 2017

This webinar drew record participation, so we hope you find it useful. Listen to the recording of the event as Inga Romanoff of Romanoff Consultants and Ayana Nickerson of Marketo share benefits of earning your Marketo Certification, provide details on available certifications and preparation for those, as well as strategies and tips for the exam.


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