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Marketo Data in the GDPR Era


As a marketer, you may think that your compliance department, legal, or your data officer took care of all that needs to be done. We suggest otherwise, and have specific recommendations that will allow you not only take a leadership role in your organization in regards to data, but also among your peers in the industry. Join Romanoff Consultant’s, Inga Romanoff, CEO & 5x Marketo Champion, and RingLead’s Elliott Lowe, Head of MarTech and 3x Marketo Champion, for their webinar, Data in the GDPR Era, where they’ll discuss key steps to take to ensure GDPR compliance in 2019.

We’ll be live streaming on February 12 @ 11am PT/2pm ET.

You’ll learn more about:
  • Key GDPR Definitions
  • Affirmative Consent
  • Data segmentation by HQ location (Click here for a comprehensive list of which countries fall under GDPR)
  • Opt-in requirements on web forms
  • Merging existing duplicates to honor opt outs



Bridging Marketing and Sales Operations

Ceros HQ – 40 W 25th St, Floor 12, New York, NY 10010

We will open the discussion about the recent rise and evolution of the Marketing Operations role. The clear steer towards multi-skilled workers and the need for organizations to rethink how they structure their operations and business processes. The speakers will cover practical approaches on bridging Marketing and Sales Operations roles, share a few successful use cases, suggest an entirely new level of collaboration between Marketo and Salesforce superusers, and showcase benefits of being able to operate at the strategic level and deep dive into details. Feel free to check out the article I wrote on top 5 skills for Marketing Operations Leaders (featured on MarTechSeries) for a bit of a preview ahead of the discussion.


Hector Gutierrez: Currently, I am a Release Manager for the Salesforce CRM and Marketing Cloud in Morgan Stanley Wealth Management. I am also a Scrum Master for the Salesforce Data Management Squad. Prior to Morgan Stanley, I worked as a Salesforce Product Manager at American Express where I had the unique opportunity to witness the interconnected workings between Sales and Marketing operations. Inga Romanoff: Inga is a marketing practitioner and Marketo/Salesforce consultant. Her leadership is recognized by her elite status as a 6x Marketo Champion and a REVVIE Award for most Dramatic Business Impact in B2B. In 2017, Inga was named Woman of the Year by The Stevie Awards and Top Female MarTech Influencer by Onalytica and TopRank Marketing.



GDPR for Marketers - DECODED

JUNE 15, 2018

GDPR got everyone in a high gear and while some of the Data Privacy requirements of the regulation may have been taken care of by the company, there is lots to do in Marketo. This session covered the basics of the GDPR as they relate to marketers and more specifically, what needed to be set up in Marketo or CRM. Jess Kao of Silicon Valley MUG and Inga Romanoff of New York MUG in the discussion on the regulation requirements and learn how to begin or improve your company's GDPR process.


Podcast S2E1: GDPR for Marketers

APRIL 22, 2018

The first podcast of the season is a high-level introduction to GDPR regulation. Inga Romanoff and Kelly Jo Horton share specific GDPR requirements for Marketo, execution timeline, and steps for preparedness.


GDPR: Don't Be the First One in a Hot Seat

MAY 13, 2018

As part of the GDPR series, this podcast is centered around a higher-level view of data privacy, data integrity, and implications of the new regulation for company leadership. Our guest, Jason Wisdom , is the Chief Technology Officer at Aponia, a New York startup providing data solutions around Data Analytics, IT Security, and Risk Management programs.


How to Get Marketo Certified

AUGUST 24, 2017

This webinar drew record participation, so we hope you find it useful. Listen to the recording of the event as Inga Romanoff of Romanoff Consultants and Ayana Nickerson of Marketo share benefits of earning your Marketo Certification, provide details on available certifications and preparation for those, as well as strategies and tips for the exam.


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