Efficiency: it’s in our DNA.

When I started consulting, my motivation was to bring efficiency to businesses I worked with. I was passionate about sharing my knowledge with clients and helping them develop their internal capability in marketing automation, no matter what level they were starting from. Today, the team does it even better – they are top experts in their field and when faced with a problem, find the answer quickly, by leveraging each other’s expertise – they are not shy to ask questions of each other or within the greater community. After all, we don’t get simple questions, quite the opposite, but there isn’t a problem we can’t solve.

Background and Competencies

Inga Romanoff is a MarTech practitioner, thought leader, international speaker, and an experienced global marketer with over 20 years of success in driving growth in B2B and B2C environment.

Inga’s leadership in the industry and Marketo Community is recognized by her elite status as a 5x Marketo Champion and a REVVIE Award winner for most Dramatic Business Impact. In 2017, Inga was awarded Woman of the Year by The Stevie Awards for Women in Business and named Top Female MarTech Influencer by Onalytica and TopRank Marketing.

Inga holds several degrees: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Master of Public Administration, and an MBA in Finance and Marketing, and a number of professional certifications including Business Operations certificate from Harvard Business School Executive Education.



I think it’s fair to say that technology shaped my entire life. While growing up, I ended up getting assigned to a specialized class of maths wunderkinds and wrote my first code in a class assignment (I actually had to walk for 30 minutes to get to a special lab-computers weren’t as easy to come by back then). After that, I got my Bachelor’s degree specializing in computer science and got to play with ‘beyond basics’ coding accounting applications, machine language, and punch cards.

In my marketing career I got some experience in high end fashion marketing and marcom but after I graduated with my MBA, I became more focused on database marketing and CRM, which later evolved into marketing automation. This is where evidence – based approach, methodical observations, deep analytics, data analysis, and insights-driven decisioning became part of my DNA. And then all the dots connected when I started consulting. The latter brought about tremendous personal and professional growth as I was constantly looking for better ways to explain complex concepts, translate technology speak to human language, and figure out what level of knowledge my clients had so I can communicate in a relatable way.

My big projects now are building the team, creating a working place where people are proud to work, as well as CMO Advisory and Organizational Excellence. I am pursuing my Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence certification (it’s a professional who leads and champions process-improvement initiatives – everywhere from small businesses to multinational corporations – that can have regional or global focus in a variety of service and industrial settings).



Professional certifications indicate a person’s interest and specialization in the field including advanced technical skills and strategic acumen. I view being certified as both, a way of keeping up with the latest features and software releases and an industry recognition for having exceptional skills in the area of the specialization.

MCSA certification
Marketo Certified Solutions Architect

Marketo Certified Solutions Architect (MCSA) identifies the most capable consultants who can not only conduct a complex implementation, but also assist customers with their digital transformation needs. The process requires submission of a case study and a review by a Marketo Principal Consultant demonstrating advanced technical and strategic acumen.

Marketo, 2017

Certified Salesforce Administrator
Certified Salesforce Administrator

Salesforce Certified Admin demonstrates competency in the breadth of applications, features, functions, and administration of the Sales, Service, and Collaboration Clouds. This credential is targeted toward the Salesforce Certified Administrator who can demonstrate an understanding of best practices, and is able to use the features and functionality to solve a variety of business problems.

Salesforce, 2015

DMA Certified
DMA Certified Marketing Professional

The DMA Customer Value & Loyalty certification (DMA Certified Professional) is rooted in the data-driven marketing approach and is focused on how to cultivate loyal customers, reduce attrition, and improve profitability. The skill set acquired allows to develop an effective loyalty strategy that recognizes and rewards company’s best prospects, customers, or partners.

The DMA, 2011

MCE certification
Marketo Certified Expert

Marketo Certified Expert (MCE) certification certification demonstrates in-depth knowledge, skills, and proficiency. This means understanding the current features and functionality of the Marketo features across lead database, marketing activities, design studio, reporting, and basic administration.

Marketo, valid through January 2020

Marketo Certified Revenue Cycle Analyst
Certified Revenue Analyst

Marketo Revenue Cycle Analyst validates advanced skills in analytics and reporting including modelers, analyzers, Revenue Explorer, Advanced Report Builder, and marketing attribution. This certification requires a valid MCE credential and demonstrates that certified professionals possess in-depth knowledge and skills.

Marketo, 2013

Marketo Certified Consultant
Marketo Certified Consultant

Marketo Certified Consultant (MCC) is the highest level of certification to indicating ability to run an implementation for a company that spans the globe with multiple offices and teams. Required an onsite workshop at Marketo and passing a 30-hour case study exam to showcase technical and strategic competencies.

Marketo, 2016


Instead of talking about services, let's talk about getting results. Business KPI results. Team growth results. Financial results.