What is Marketo

Marketo is a marketing automation platform that empowers marketers to send personalized emails, increase lead generation efficiency and quality of leads passed to sales team, and serves as the primary digital marketing hub.

Marketing automation allows companies to identify and bring in the right customers, build long term relationships, increase engagement, and drive revenue growth by focusing sales on the best prospects. One of Marketo’s differentiator’s in the industry is its large, active ecosystem of technology partners, deep integrations with third-party tools, and robust API capabilities for custom connectors.


Marketo does more than just send emails, it is a robust solution that can help connect, activate, and optimize all of your marketing tools. In addition to full range of marketing automation capabilities, it’s a connecting platform that powers your marketing applications, including website, paid advertising, mobile, and others.

Marketing automation engine

Marketo Capabilities

Here’s a summary list of Marketo capabilities with regard to your marketing operations; all of which Romanoff Consultants can help implement and optimize.

Email Marketing

Reduce manual work and go beyond one-off and transactional emails. With powerful Marketo Email Marketing engine,  you can engage your customers as individuals by communicating with them in response to their profile, interests, and digital body language. Automatically and at scale.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation describes the marketing process of stimulating and capturing interest in a product or service for the purpose of developing sales pipeline. Marketo helps attract the right prospects, nurture them with personalized messages, so marketing can warm up the leads and hand them off to sales when they are engaged and ready.

Lead Lifecycle

Setting up Lead Lifecycle stages is part of the Marketo implementation. In the nutshell, it means taking an existing business process, connecting marketing and sales workflows, and translating those stages into an automated system to route and record data. Two big wins in adopting lead lifecycle approach: time and transparency.

Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring is a marketing automation approach that allows to rank order leads to indicate their sales readiness. This can be done by assigning one lead score or alternatively, a sum of the lead’s demographic and behavioral variables. Ultimately, the score indicates the interest prospects show in your business, their current place in the buying cycle, and their fit in regards to your business model.

Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing automates personalized marketing conversations with prospects and customers at scale. This is one of the biggest differentiators of a marketing automation platform vs ESP, it allows to automatically segment audience and enroll them into a nurture program where they will receive relevant content specific to the product or service of their interest. Lead Nurturing is proven to help build meaningful long-term relationships with customers and generate more sales-ready leads at a lower cost.

Account Based Marketing

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a strategic approach in which marketing aligns their acquisition targets to a key group of specific accounts defined by sales. Marketo ABM connects both digital and non-digital touchpoints in a variety of highly orchestrated, automatic or sales-initiated campaigns.

Predictive Content

Predictive Content utilizes predictive analytics and machine learning to deliver highly personalized experience and create more effective marketing campaigns by serving up the most relevant content to the right person at the right time. In practice, personalization strategy is based on both, business rules and machine-learning algorithms. The process takes quite a bit of effort to determine the most suitable experience for each segment, i.e. mapping out and configuring the ideal “experience targeting” setup.

Reporting and Data Insights

With Marketo, you have access to instant reporting on engagement and impact, enabling marketers to frequently optimize campaigns and measure the buyer’s journey. From industry standard to proprietary email metrics, predictive account scoring, deep insights into how buyers progress through the funnel, and direct impact of marketing campaigns on sales. For more advanced users, Marketo offers powerful add-ons like Advanced Report Builder, Performance Insights, or Bizible marketing attribution.

Marketing Compliance: CCPA, GDPR, CASL, and Data Privacy Management

Unify marketing compliance requirements and automate custom opt in messaging across regions and audience segments with Marketo. Marketo understands the importance of privacy and data protection and was one of the first companies to make very granular updates to its product functionality; however, the truth behind pain-free managing of marketing compliance lies in Marketo’s workflow and segmentation functionality, as well as ability to set up a robust Subscription Center.

Marketo Sales Connect

Increase productivity and empower your sales team to send more relevant messaging with Marketo Sales Connect. Imagine if you could amplify the voice of your best sales team members and free up their time to do more selling and less manual, time consuming administrative tasks. This is where marketing automation steps in to emulate real conversations at scale and refocus your sales team on your best prospects.

Get More Results with Marketo

Whether you need help to implement, get going, or accelerate Marketo adoption in the organization, our team is here to help. We become an extension of your team and help take business strategy and marketing goals and translate those into pragmatic marketing automation roadmap.