Cindy Danganan

“I can summarize in three points all the things I learned and am grateful for when I joined Romanoff Consulting. First, Inga and the company are fully committed to providing work of the highest quality. Interns are expected to perform at this level as well, whether you’ve been tasked to work on Marketo for a client, compile competitive research, or even just attend meetings. There is no excuse to do mediocre work because everyone on the team, from the CEO to your fellow interns, are almost always available to answer your questions or train you. This brings me to the next point: there is a heavy emphasis on nurturing employees and personal development. What I love about RC is that the team has always made sure that the work that I do is in line with what I want to be doing in the future. When I was hired, Inga did not just throw me into projects that are not aligned with my goals. I was also assigned to a mentor who was best equipped to provide relevant training and was provided with work that was very engaging. We were often encouraged to earn Marketo certifications; and now that some of us are on our way to doing so, the support has been great. Third, we have a collaborative and flexible culture: the team will always find a way to make things work. New ideas and questions are also always welcome. Romanoff Consulting is a start-up, but it’s a well-oiled one; there is no fetching coffee here, and every contribution is valuable. If those three points don’t make you want to join and bring your A game, I don’t know what else will.”

Viola Shu

“In January 2016, I fortunately had an opportunity interning at Romanoff Consulting. It was a priceless experience that completely opened my eyes to the Marketing Automation industry. During this internship, I was able to take part in hands-on projects and assignments from start to finish, which helped me experience a real business atmosphere and allowed me to use all of the concepts I have been learning in school. Most importantly, I got to work hands-on with professionals who have a great level of experience. I especially appreciate that the company culture is never stressful, and every staff member in Romanoff Consulting was there with me throughout the whole way, as they were always patient to answer my questions and interested to know what I was learning, what I was doing, and how to help me to succeed. I was able to learn new things every day from conducting in-depth competitive research to implementing Email Marketing initiatives. Through onsite shadowing and various types of training sessions, that I found the most beneficial, I was able to look into myself to recognize what I successfully managed, and how to improve from my mistakes. The knowledge I gained and connections I developed made this internship so valuable to me. It has broadened my understanding of Marketing Automation and kept building me with more expertise going forward. Therefore, I would highly recommend Romanoff Consulting Internship program.”