While our business model was not disrupted by the COVID-19 outbreak, we proactively updated our processes to support our customers in a rapidly evolving environment and condensed timelines. We are here for you and fully committed to ensuring smooth operations in this evolving situation.

Agile Campaign Execution

If you need temporary operational capacity or lost your primary Marketo resource, our Operational Package is a cost-effective option designed to make it easy for you to continue operations and not worry about execution. In response to COVID-19 outbreak, we shortened turnaround times and are more flexible about package overages. We understand the pressures everyone is facing and we are here for you!


The global pandemic demands that businesses make rapid, but highly informed decisions, pivot on the spot, and communicate with their audiences in a relevant and useful way. We assembled several resources below and shared our perspective on how this outbreak is evolving marketing automation in this blog post . These are challenging times, but we believe it's an opportunity to develop authentic relationships with your customers and prospects.


Lean in on us with our Marketo Ops Package

Educate your team: run a virtual training workshop or contact us to request access to our online Marketo training

Accelerate efficiency with consulting projects or complete comprehensive Marketo audit to plan for the future


Join one of the free Q&A sessions

Sign up to take your Marketo Certified Expert exam and request access to our proprietary prep course

Connect with you local Marketo User group and participate in discussions



I hope you and your family and friends are safe and doing well. These are truly challenging times and we are committed to supporting our customers, Marketo users, and greater Marketo Community. Our business model positioned us well to continue operations despite global disruptions caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. We also modified internal processes to better serve rapidly evolving customer needs and condensed timelines. We are here for you and will ensure smooth operations despite continuous changes to the business environment.