B2B Marketing Expo


Date: MARCH 21-22

Location: London, UK

This international conference brings together the greatest minds in the marketing industry, with influential leaders presenting. At 2017's B2B Marketing Expo, over 200 exhibitors attended, with 7,000 total attendees. Marketing Technology, Marketing Automation, and Emerging Marketing Trends are popular themes at the London event.

Last year Inga Romanoff presented on ‘How to Reach Your Leads with the Right Content’, which was a popular session at the event. Romanoff Consultants hosted a booth and were a finalist for the Best Newcomer award, which recognized growth, exceptional results, successful point of differentiation in the market and brand strength.

Key Topics

Topics covered:

  • What is segmentation
  • Strategic examples of segmentation
  • Tips for understanding how to segment your audience
  • How to align content to match your segmentations


Inga Romanoff is an award-winning Marketing Automation consultant, a 5x Marketo Champion, and holds MCSA, MCC, MCE, and Marketo Revenue Cycle Analyst certifications from Marketo. Inga has focused her efforts on creating a Marketing Automation consultancy, which implements Marketing Automation platforms and builds solutions for small and large companies. Inga sets her consultancy apart with her personal excellence in the marketing industry, as well as retaining employees of the highest caliber.


B2B Marketing Expo is an interactive exhibition and conference designed specifically for the marketing sector.

Expect to find high-quality exhibitors alongside a conference showcasing some of the world’s most influential figures in marketing.

Link to site www.b2bmarketingexpo.co.uk


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