Funnel Science & Business Challenges


Date: July 26

Location: 524 Broadway, New York, NY 10012

This session explored solutions and trends in funnel science. In addition, our speakers highlighted SiriusDecisions changes to their Demand Waterfall and what this means for leveraging funnel science.

Key Topics

Topics covered:

  • SiriusDecisions’ Demand Waterfall and its impact upon Funnel Science KPI’s
  • How many companies are actually utilizing Funnel Science, and how many are taking action based on their findings


Mollie Bodensteiner is a progressive marketing professional adept at leveraging analytics to achieve growth. She is experienced in managing both retention and prospecting B2B and B2C marketing campaign strategy and execution with 8+ years of demonstrated success across multiple marketing automation and CRM platforms.

Steve Will is the Vice President of Partners at FunnelWise. Steve focuses on fostering partnerships with current and potential FunnelWise clients to leverage success and value. Steve also provides resources, strategies, and tips for those using FunnelWise's platform.


FunnelWise provides revenue funnel diagnostics by integrating data from CRM and marketing automation platforms.

Powered by the Revenue Funnel Science methodology, our dedicated team of revenue funnel strategists have made FunnelWise the industry leader in full-funnel visibility.

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Headquartered in New York City, Romanoff Consultants is one of the top providers of marketing automation consulting.

Our quality offering is focused on spearheading best practices and helping companies optimize marketing strategy, maximize their CRM and marketing automation capabilities.

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Download the slides from the event to learn more about revenue funnel science

Check out Mollie Bodensteiner's on-demand webinar 'Revenue Funnel Science & Business Challenges'

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