WORKATO is an award-winning cloud automation and integration platform that connects Marketo with over a hundred top business apps including Shopify, Eventbrite, Salesforce, Google Apps, and Slack – with no coding required.

With Workato platform, there is really no limit to what you can do. You can easily personalize integrations with the following features:

  • A library of pre-built integration flows by experts where you can choose from and easily modify them – or easily create a custom workflow without requiring a developer
  • Automatically prevent duplicate records. With conditional logic and steps, Workato recipes allow you to check if the lead already exists. If it already exist, you can update the lead instead of creating a duplicate one
  • Create bi-directional syncs so data in both your systems are in sync
  • Easily create custom objects in Marketo
  • Get full control over your integrations
  • Decide on when you want to start your sync. You can even go back in time to pick up old leads
  • Create conditional steps to control exactly what you want to sync
  • With our visual drag and drop interface, you get to see the data you have in your app and pull in the exact data you want to be mapped over to suit your business need
  • Craft multiple steps or move steps around in a Workato recipe. In addition, you can add more apps to your workflow to make the integration complete.
  • Workato provides you visibility into the job history so you know what records have been picked up, and error messages to help you understand what went on in the integration
  • For advanced users, you can create excel-like functions to tweak your data to get the exact data formatting mapped to other apps.

Some common integration scenarios for Marketo include automation with eCommerce (Shopify, WooCommerce), event management (Eventbrite, Goombal), CRM (Salesforce, Intercom), and with Slack and Google Sheets.

Romanoff Consulting team is a trusted Workato implementation partner.