3 Tiers of Marketo Certifications Explained

3 Tiers of Marketo Certifications Explained


For marketers, being Marketo certified is a necessity for career growth. But there are three certifications to choose from and it should be clear what each means and how they benefit you. All Marketo certification credentials are rigorously developed, professionally administered, and recognized globally.


Tier 1: Marketo Certified Expert (Gold Standard)


The first and most important, the ‘gold-standard,’ is the Marketo Certified Expert (MCE) certification. Every Marketo user should strive for it. Not only does it help you master the basics of using all of Marketo’s tools, it ups your earning potential and looks amazing on your resume.


From beginners to Marketo consultants and user group members, the MCE certification benefits all levels of Marketo customers. This 100-question exam covers basic administration topics, customer data, leads and list topics, asset design: images, forms, landing pages and emails, programs & smart campaigns, scoring & lifecycle, reporting, and the marketing calendar.


Master the basics of Marketo with the Marketo Certified Expert certification. Click here for preparation tools and practice exam.


Tier 2: Marketo Certified Revenue Analyst


This certification is for Marketo Certified Experts who have a minimum of six months experience using Marketo analytics and advanced reporting features. Definitely a step up from the MCE, Certified Revenue Analysts are able to demonstrate in-depth knowledge and skills.


This exam validates your expertise in using the analytics and reporting features in Marketo including modelers, analyzers, Revenue Explorer (Advanced Report Builder), program attribution and analytics administration.


Recommended learning experience for this certification includes a current MCE status, six months rigorous hands-on experience with analytics and reporting features, review of courses in the Revenue Cycle Analytics & Explorer Reporting Learning Path in the Marketo University, review of Marketo Product Docs, including the reporting section, and participation in Marketo Learning Passport program webinars and topics as well as Marketo Community discussions.


This exam is designed to assess your knowledge and proficiency in the use of Marketo analytics and advanced reporting features. Topic areas include setup, revenue cycle modeler, success path analyzer, opportunity influence analyzer, program analyzer, and revenue cycle explorer.


Get started on your pursuit to becoming a Marketo Certified Revenue Analyst by reviewing the preparation guide and practice exam.


Tier 3: Marketo Certified Consultant (Elite)


The Marketo Certified Consultant (MCC) certification is the highest standard in Marketo marketing automation services and support. It is attained only by those with the utmost in-depth knowledge and experience of the principles of marketing automation, and for elite specialists in the Marketo ecosystem.


Marketo is a complete lead generation and management solution that helps you attract the right prospects, engage them to build relationships, close more sales opportunities, and measure the impact of marketing on the business. An MCC must be able to provide guidance, training, and best-practice documentation to their Marketo user groups and clients.


An MCC will not only understand, but master all facets of Marketo, including lead management, email marketing, consumer marketing, web personalization, mobile marketing, analytics, reporting, and more. They know that their expertise can help clients engage with customers and leads at a lower cost and with less effort. This certification is reserved only for the best of the best.


For more information on becoming a Marketo Partner and earning your Marketo Certified Consultant certification, watch this demo video.


All three of the Marketo certifications have benefits that can help build your marketing career, whether you’re a new user or a seasoned Marketo vet. Check out our next blog post to see which certification is right for you.