GDPR – Don’t Be the First One in a Hot Seat

GDPR – Don’t Be the First One in a Hot Seat

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Continuing our conversation on upcoming GDPR regulation, this podcast is centered around a higher-level view of data privacy, data integrity, and implications of the new legislation for company leadership.

Our guest, Jason Wisdom is the Chief Technology Officer at Aponia, a New York startup providing data solutions around Data Analytics, IT Security, and Risk Management programs. Jason is a leader in the industry with deep experience in both enterprise and startup technology environments and often acts as a liaison between business and technical units.. We share GDPR requirements for marketers, execution timeline, and steps for preparedness.

Topics covered:
– Making sense of your company data
– Connecting the dots, what are marketers responsible for
– Tips for success for leaders
– Steps to prepare, don’t be the first one in a hot seat

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