Making More Money with Marketo

Making More Money with Marketo


Results from the 2016 Marketo Nation Summit Compensation Survey

Since its beginning, marketing automation has shaped the marketing industry. In short, companies can now streamline marketing efforts through automation processes and analyze data to increase operational efficiency. This results in a better understanding of the customer, highly accurate market segmentation, and revenue growth.

This has been especially beneficial for B2B organizations. In the last five years, the number of B2B organizations using marketing automation software has grown elevenfold. The overall percentage of businesses using marketing automation software has increased from 3-5% in 2014 to 49% today. And, the $1.8 billion industry in 2015 is expected to grow to over $7 billion by 2016 (see below).

Data from 2016 Marketo Nation Summit shows the effect of marketing automation across the industry.


The leading provider of marketing software and solutions, has championed marketing automation. The Marketo platform has revolutionized how marketers are doing business, and it shows in the compensation of Marketo users.

Not only are companies perfecting their email marketing, landing pages, campaign management, prediction, scoring, lead management, CRM integration, social marketing, and marketing analytics with Marketo, their employees are earning more money, especially after becoming Marketo Certified Experts.

Of the 150+ respondents to the 2016 Marketo Compensation Survey, 43 are Marketo Champions and 67% are members of Marketo user groups. When asked about compensation, it’s clear that Marketo users have the advantage.
Here’s the breakdown. Data shows the median compensation falls between $100K-$124K, with 25% over $150K and 20% below $75K (see below).

Overall compensation of respondents.

Now, let’s Look at Compensation Rates Based on Time.

Pictured below are the time ranges of compensation for those who have used Marketo for less than 6 months, 6 months to a year, 1-3 years, and more than 3 years.

As you’ll notice, the median grows significantly based on the amount of time using Marketo. Users can expect a 50% increase in compensation after they start using Marketo! Incredible!

After 6 months of using Marketo the median compensation ranges from $50K-$75K, then after 3 years experience users are seeing a median compensation rate of $125K-$150K a year!

Compensation based on time using Marketo.

Wonderful Stuff, but We Have only Scratched the Surface…

What about those marketing managers and directors who use Marketo? Did you know half of marketing managers make $100K a year, and half of all directors make $150K? Believe it (see below), and you can make just as much by using Marketo software or joining a Marketo user group.

Compensation rates of managers/directors.

It Doesn’t End There…

Over 80% of Marketo consultants earn over $100K, and nearly 40% are over $150K annually (see below). These users are Marketo Certified Consultants. This certification is dedicated to Marketo experts who are thriving within their Marketo user groups, and have a knack for market automation and how it improves the business.

Compensation for Marketo Certified Consultants.

The More Involved with Marketo You Are…

The more success you will have as a marketer. Evaluate your position, are you investing in your career? Marketo Certified Experts stand out to recruiters, and thus are offered better opportunities.

Grow your Marketo knowledge even more so by joining a Marketo user group. Marketo, Inc. is about learning and helping those that want to learn about marketing automation. The more you know, the better you’ll market, the more community engagement you’ll have and yes, the more money you’ll make.