Marketing Automation: How to Do Lead Generation in an Authentic Way

Marketing Automation: How to Do Lead Generation in an Authentic Way


Mike Ramos, Marketing Director at The Credit Pros shared his experience on how to drive fast growth and turn your prospects into customers.

Topics covered:
– Driving explosive growth and doing it authentically
– Designing customer journey, and customer experience on website
– Getting traction in your demand generation campaigns
– Being a pioneer and leverage technologies available

Inga:                         Hello and welcome to the weekly MarTech Braintap from Marketo consultants in New York. I’m Inga.

Robert:                    And I’m Robert Vo.

Inga:                         A little bit about myself and why I am here.

Inga:                         I am a marketing professional with over 20 years of experience, most recently specifically MarTech. But the reason I’m doing this, is I want to share some of the thoughts and opinions. I’ve actually… believe it or not, it’s been five years. Five years ago I started Marketo User Group in New York here and connected with so many great people in the community. I feel that the value of the community is tremendous and this is my way of giving back but also sharing some opinions and bringing people who have opinions so that we can discuss some of the things because this industry is so fast moving.

Robert:                   Absolutely. And my background is I had 20 years in the enterprise technology and six years specifically and MarTech consulting on Marketo and Salesforce. I just recently graduated from Marketo, back in March of 2017. And I also did a stint at Salesforce.

Inga:                        I guess today is just introductions, right. We are going to let everybody know what it is, the format, and how to find it, how to join it. And this is a weekly 30-min podcast about sort of what’s happening in the industry. It’s going to be on our website You will be able to find it out under the blog, it’s actually very easily found. But as far as the format, I want to say – there is no agenda. I think we’re just going to get together and bring some of the people from the community as well. But kind of share opinions and…

Robert:                   Just kind of to have a dialogue. That’s the whole goal, you know. We’re not here to read off of slides or something like that, but we really just want to share, you know, what’s going on in the industry with you – the community. Because this is get our way of giving back. Ee’re about knowledge share, we’re about building the community and really, enabling the marketers out there.

Inga:                         And actually, for example, just recently series decisions unveiled the new revenue funnel. And we’ve had a lot of conversations now, we’re very connected, and we have the Architect’s Garden folks as well. So we’re discussing, you know, how does this work for me, how does this work for our clients.. And I really feel that the value of… in MarTech that moves so quickly, every five / six months, things really shift, change, and there’s new functionalities, new revenue funnel- something like that. So I think this will be the place to sort of get together and have a conversation. I feel that, much like with our clients, where yes, we come in – we consultants, we know so much, we share our knowledge but we learn from them every time as well. So same works with the community with Marketo User groups for example people come in, and and it’s the discussion that has the biggest value.

Robert:                    Right.

Inga:                        Do you mind actually explaining what Braintap really means, why…

Robert:                    Right. So the idea behind Braintap, at least, why that word came to my mind is because what we want to be able to do is really put knowledge into people’s brains. And just really also inspire you to really think more about what you’re doing related to MarTech.

Robert:                    And when I say that is from my experience in the past at Marketo when I was a consultant. I’ve done…I did over 500 or so projects, so I you know I have a lot of experience in seeing a lot of different people executing things using Marketing Automation but really, they don’t use the full potential of that. So the idea behind sort of this weekly Braintap is that we want to show everyone in the community that there’s so much more you can do. Right. It’s really just kind of open your mind to go way beyond just email marketing.

Inga:                         Yes. it sounds like, for example, I experienced that where… every person has their own lens, so-to-speak. Everybody is having the same information, everybody may have the same resources, or even different resources, but everybody brings their own unique opinion or take on what this means or how it should be done. So, in other words, is that sharing of the.. the Braintap is almost like a brain trust where with different people contributing their opinions, the outcome is greater than what each individual. It’s like one plus one is four because of the discussion that happened.

Inga:                         Yeah, and I think also we will be bringing or I hope that some of the Marketo users in New York here from the user group like people that come in and speak at the MUGs, for example, they can share their opinions or consultants. So people who are definitely exposed to more of the different business models, greater functionality, maybe more complex setups…

Robert:                    And we will bring in some of our technology partners that we’ve been in conversations with. Right? For example, like Molly Bodensteiner from FunnelWise. You know, she’s one of the best resources I’ve ever seen. She used to be on my team at Marketo. And she could talk about the funnel, the analytics around the funnel, to kind of help you, help the community understand what you really need to look at. Right? To really get the most out of what you’re actually doing from a marketing perspective. Rather than just executing. Because I see a lot of that, again, from my experience, I’ve seen a lot of “let’s execute execute execute”. But what about the insights on that. Right so, as we, you know, as we kind of identify those technology partners or the people kind of working with our technology partners who will contribute to the community here to this podcast, you know, because that’ll kind of give you guys value for listening to this.

Inga:                        And it’s not just technical, right? It’s opinions, kind of more of a MarTech discussion so it’s not even tool-specific…

Robert:                   Right. Absolutely. Agnostic. Like for example, we’ll talk about MarTech changes, meaning, what’s changing in the industry and how does it impact the way that you think about what you’re doing today. Right? For example you know Oracle and Eloqua, what they’re doing or what they’re not doing, how does it impact the overall industry, how does that impact you, maybe your certification, maybe your career. You know, so you could be a lot more aware of what’s going on and that will give you a way to navigate where you want to go as an individual [long-term] or how you want to navigate the technology within your company, if your decision makers around, you know, building your marks…[blooper] [raps] Mar-Tech, MarTech stack.

Inga:                         Well. Also, you know what, it made me think of. Back in 2011 I came across Marketo for the first time and what I really.. I fell in love with it, because it was not about particular technical functionality, what Marketo could do. It was about the concepts that Marketo took to businesses to help them become more efficient, more effective at their marketing. So I think that overall this is not technical discussions, there will be possibly some.

Robert:                   Some of it will be. We will probably do some deep dives. And as you kind of hearing our conversations, you could definitely tell, our core is still Marketo and really Marketo and Salesforce, just to be clear. But as Romanoff’s thoughts consultants we’re absolutely agnostic to technologies. But again, we’ll give some high level insights and we’ll also do some deep dives where we see it’ll help people, help you, the community, to really just use the technology better.

Inga:                       And I’d like to hear actually from everybody, you know, what are the top interesting topics.

Robert:                   What are you your pain points? Right? What are you your pain points? When you get in, what do you, you know, what do you have problems. When I’m out with clients and kind of consulting with clients, there’s a lot of, sort of, you know, “we don’t know what we don’t know” type of statements. Right? Where, really, we know what you don’t know. So we want to be able to educate you to know. Right? Because from our philosophy, and it’s part of our DNA, is that our goal was to kind of put the knowledge in your brain. Again, this is why the Braintap right – drop the knowledge to your brain so that we can enable you so you can really enable your business or even your career.

Inga:                       So, basically this is going to be weekly. It’s a 30-minute format. Would love to have guests and to do that… so we’ll also do a little bit of sneak peek into Marketo User Group, right.

Robert:                   Sure. Absolutely.

Inga:                       Perfect. So if you want to text us, actually there’s a way for you to connect to us. And this is the line dedicated to podcasts. So if you’re interested in participating, in joining the conversation, text your e-mail to (646) 863-5601. You can also find this contact, if you go to, you’ll find information about the podcast. So, there’s different ways you can contact us: or you can fill out a form on the website (of course, lol – marketing automation!) but I think the easiest one is, text your e-mail to (646) 863-5601 and we’d love to have you here!


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Michael Ramos is the Marketing Director at The Credit Pros deeply intertwined with business development and marketing efforts focused on increasing brand awareness, client acquisition, growth and overall success of the business.

Ramos was the creative force behind the branding, user experience, and marketing efforts at As Creative Director, Ramos worked with his team to meet the company’s product and marketing needs. Before Vitals, Ramos managed customer focused web design and multimedia development projects for companies like Dialogic, Merck Medco, Reed Elsevier, and Montage Media.