Marketing Automation, Loyalty Programs, and Building Breakthrough Customer Experience

Marketing Automation, Loyalty Programs, and Building Breakthrough Customer Experience

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Episode 3 of the MarTech Braintap features Jeff Goldberg, Founder and CEO of SirCoupon. In this podcast, Jeff explores the connection between retailers and their customer, specifically focusing on the need for omnichannel personalization in today’s Engagement Economy.

Key Topics

  • Driving loyalty and brand preference through using the power of marketing technologies
  • Customer Engagement and what it means for brands today
  • How to easily embed personalized offers within Marketo emails
  • About SirCoupon: integration with Marketo and how to offer your customers consistent and relevant offers in omnichannel environment/li>

Speaker Details


Jeff Goldberg

Jeff Goldberg is CEO and Founder of SirCoupon, and is a proven leader and entrepreneur with over 24 years in technology and marketing. He led technical teams at IBM Global Services and served as Worldwide Marketing Manager. Currently, Jeff is Director of Marketing Automation and Lead Generation at McGraw-Hill Education.

SirCoupon is a loyalty rewards platform that incentivizes users to engage with a merchant through a loyalty program of its own. Merchants benefit by being able to make cross­sell/upsell recommendations at the POS based on consumer behavior and past transaction history (which becomes available) once coupons are scanned Merchants benefit by keeping customers engaged and by keeping brands top of mind offering special discounts and prizes.



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