What It Means to be Marketo Elite

What It Means to be Marketo Elite

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What is a Marketo Champion?


Every year Marketo, Inc. chooses 50 of their most-elite customers to carry the title of Marketo Champion, these champions are called the Marketo Elite. The title is held for 12 months.


The Elite demonstrate outstanding leadership in their Marketo Communities. They are product experts, avid contributors to their Marketo user groups, and loyal advocates of the Marketo product and brand.


Elite customers are updated with new products and features, they get to speak at Marketo Summits, have access to exclusive networking opportunities, et cetera.


Champions even get to display their expertise with content showcases at Marketo Summits. They earn elite-user credentials, and exclusive Marketo swag!


Loyal Marketo customers, advocates, and experts have the chance to earn this status every year.


What Does it Take to be Marketo Elite?


Marketo champions earn their Elite status by displaying expertise, responsiveness, leadership, evangelism, activity, and engagement within their Marketo user groups and communities.


Marketo Elite actively understand and translate the needs of Marketo users, and how it improves their business. They assist user groups by answering and reporting questions back to Marketo for the right answers.


Elite are advocates of the platform. Not only do they know the newest features of the platform, but they remain loyal and evangelize the Marketo brand


They also participate in blog and social media discussions about the product regularly. Furthermore, they are active in participating at live events like Marketo Summits, Marketo user group meetings, and roadshows.