Podcast S2E3: Proving Your Worth in Marketing

I am excited to connect with one of the top professionals in the field and a prominent Community contributor, Jessica Kao, to discuss leadership trends in today’s marketing, gaining a winning mindset, succeeding as a Female in Tech, and proving your worth in the organization.

Jessica Kao, is the Director of Client Services at Digital Pi. She’s a Marketo Champion of the year and Marketo Certified Expert. Jessica is a frequent speaker, global marketer, demand generation expert, and a marketing operations leader. She also runs the Marketo User Group in Silicon Valley.

Topics covered:

– Measuring performance can be overwhelming

– Females in Tech: taking the leadership role

– Gathering your information and sharing insight

– Proliferation of data, more is not better

– Changing your mindset, using benchmarks and goals

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You can access full transcript of the podcast at here.