The True Value of Becoming a Certified Marketing Automation Expert

The True Value of Becoming a Certified Marketing Automation Expert


Will getting a marketing automation certification help advance your career? Will you make more money? Promoted faster? What is the quickest way to get certified?

by Inga Romanoff, Romanoff Consultants

This article was originally posted on Marketo Blog


Supply and Demand

Are recruiters and hiring managers looking for certified marketing automation experts?

Marketing automation certifications are among the premier skill qualifications in the MarTech industry. This certification showcases marketers who demonstrate in-depth knowledge and skills with a marketing automation platform. Exams are usually proctored (no cheating!) and are sufficiently challenging to even the savviest of technology marketers around the world. Experts are commonly required to renew their certification on a regular basis to ensure a high standard among experts.

In an era where more than 6,829 MarTech platforms proliferate the landscape, talent agencies are forced to search for top talent in a space where the demand far outpaces the supply. “When we find a candidate who is certified in marketing automation, we are thrilled,” says Stefana Valentino, who manages a recruitment team for FRG Technology Recruitment. “Not only does it mean they are proficient working within the platform, but it usually means they are involved in the ecosystem and community.”

Hiring managers are also starting to look at certification as a key differentiator when choosing the candidate to contact. Many claim to have “marketing automation experience,” but certification sets you apart. Increasingly, marketers are expected not only be strategic but to roll up their sleeves and build complex marketing programs.

Taking Control of Your Career

Certification doesn’t just showcase your competency in a leading marketing automation platform. It also gives some insight into the kind of marketing professional you are. “It’s great to see marketers with marketing automation certification” comments the lead hiring manager at a high-growth software company. “I like to see someone who invests in learning and who enjoys the challenge of testing his or her skills on a daily basis.”

Certification doesn’t just showcase your competency in a leading marketing automation platform. It also gives some insight into the kind of marketing professional you are.

Challenging yourself to learn new concepts and powerful marketing automation techniques demonstrate your willingness to take control of your career path. While many can learn and pick up skills on the job, it is the marketer who studies her profession and continues to improve that will be far ahead of the crowd.

Not to mention—hard work pays dividends. A survey conducted by set out to correlate marketing automation certification and years of experience with better compensation. You’ll be happy to know that marketing automation experience DOES boost your earning potential as reported by

Certification Matters at Every Stage of Your Career

I tell marketing leaders who are asking about certification: “CMOs should have allocated budget for certifications and training.” Some benefits are obvious—others not so much. A team of highly-capable marketing automation users can bring forth unique perspectives, work with agility, and can be more focused on details. You can complete more work in less time and operate in a more efficient manner with addition marketing automation experts.

From a recruitment perspective, Stefana puts forward “we encourage clients to pay for certification, as it’s important for an organization to invest in their employees’ education, as it will undoubtedly help the organization grow and evolve their marketing automation efforts.”

From an executive viewpoint, studying for certification helps leaders fully grasp the core areas of excellence in marketing automation. This also makes them much more relatable and informed when guiding marketing operations.

Set the Goal

If you are looking at getting a marketing automation certification, I recommend giving yourself at least six months. This can be challenging if working with a marketing automation platform is only part of your job description. Set up quick sessions with internal and external experts to find out how they use marketing automation. Keep in mind that your mission should be to drive business results for your company, and to use marketing automation to overcome obstacles and accelerate better financial outcomes.

During this six-month period, study the recommended guides and best practices, and continuously evaluate and improve your marketing programs and campaigns. A healthy mix of academic study and hands-on field application will lead you on the right path to mastery.

Beyond Certification

When you finally have a coveted marketing automation certification under your belt, the time certainly merits celebration! However, you should think of this as only the beginning of your marketing automation journey. The best and highest paid marketing professionals are always learning, connecting, and innovating. This would be the perfect time to network and compare notes with internal and external colleagues. Seek out local user groups, meetups, online user forums, or connect with experts and thought leaders.