Getting a great return on investment from your marketing automation platform shouldn't be a struggle, but the truth is that many organizations have trouble reaping the rewards of a successful implementation

Whether you're just starting with your marketing automation implementation or have had your platform for a while and need to optimize, we're here to help.




What can we do for your bottom line?

Health check and assessment of your current state

Easy-to-clone program templates to make your team more efficient

Strategic segmentation and audience targeting

Practical program development to reach your marketing goals

Advanced nurturing

Sales and Marketing alignment
Marketo implementations and re-structuring

Training and team adoption

Data Quality Services

High Volume Email Marketing

Account-Baserd Marketing (ABM)

Strategic roadmaps to marketing automation growth and success
Romanoff Consultants has extensive experience with Marketo, including a team made up of Marketo Champions, Marketo Certified Experts, and Marketo Certified Consultants - in fact, all of our consultants are Marketo Certified.
We’ve served as both Marketo managers at corporations and consultants for organizations from SMB to enterprise. All this experience means we’re able to quickly understand your business challenges and employ Marketo to reach your goals to get your tangible results.

2017 Compensation Survey

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Created by leaders of the New York and Silicon Valley Marketo User Groups, our survey is the best source of information for career trends in the marketing technology space.