Podcast S2E4: GDPR and Evolution of the Data Marketer

Today’s conversation is a bit more of a strategic outlook on what this major tectonic change in privacy laws might mean for marketing overall, and our guest is Peter Bell, Senior Director of Marketing at Marketo EMEA.

Peter Bell is an experienced executive with deep knowledge of the software industry and online media and over 25 years in marketing contributing to the success of some of the most recognizable global product brands. His specialty is understanding key market trends and developments and identifying the strategic implications to current products and services. An early pioneer in the PC & Internet sector, Peter’s early roles were in technology, a passion and skillset that are more relevant to marketing than ever. Currently, Peter leads Marketo‘s marketing in EMEA.

Topics covered:
– Privacy laws and direct impact on marketing
– How to engage with your customers and create lasting trust
– Using data to be relevant
– From compliance to better marketing
– Using data to be relevant

Download Marketo Marketing Post-GDPR: Two Tribes of Marketers report here: www.marketo.com/analyst-and-other-reports/the-two-tribes-of-marketing-marketing-post-gdpr-research-report/

For more information and details on GDPR regulation, go to www.eugdpr.org.


You can access full transcript of the podcast at here.


Read more on GDPR at romanoffconsultants.com/gdpr